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Changing Minds

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Psychological well-being is a key part of feeling happy and being able to function day-to-day. It's easier than you may think to develop healthy habits that can foster your emotional health.

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About Us

Changing Minds Counseling & Psychotherapy centre is a well-reputed counselling & Psychotherapy centre which is located in Varanasi. Changing Minds provides psychotherapy, counselling, psychometry tests, seminars, and workshops to the valuable clients. This clinic helps you in changing your perception about the way you look at your problem & develop a new perception. This centre uses a friendly positive attitude to give effective solutions to your daily life problems. We offer a confidential and private space to discuss your life’s issues. We provide exceptional services through various treatment techniques.

Changing Minds is also associated with several national and international bodies. It is a professional Counseling Centre that provides & offers customized, holistic and effective psychotherapy as per the need of the individual. We have experience of 6000+ consultations with good prognosis & 50+ Workshop and Seminars along with 100+ mental health awareness program across several North Indian states. “Changing minds” is carrying a proud and successful legacy of 6 years of benevolent service for the general public domain.

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client say


Shruti Singh

Strongly recommended. Mental health should be taken seriously and Dr. Laxman, I was in severe depression and he helped me through this like a good friend and guide! If you feel like you need help please DO talk with him. He is one of the best human being & counsellor I've ever met. Let's break the stigma, let's talk about mental health ♡

Geetesh Kumar Singh

It's one of the best counseling and psychotherapy center in Varanasi. Where experienced mental health professionals deliverer a wide range of Psychological services for mental health problems.

Himanshu singh

You don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared and anxious. Having feelings doesn’t make you a negative person. It makes you human and i must say whatever I'm today bcz of laxman sir and he's the best so thank you sir for everything which you had done for me 👍

Atul Kumar Dwivedy Designation

The way of treatment and counseling regarding my mental health was awesome and I feel very much confidence after regular treatment and visit . Thank u so much laxman sir.. For changing my life🙏🙏